Susan Bee for RAICES

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Susan Bee for RAICES
Susan Bee for RAICES
Susan Bee for RAICES

America is in need.  The newest arrivals to our shores are suffering at the border. We have families- babies, mothers, sisters, brothers, grandparents- in forced separation and living in detention centers. Babies. 




Madre Beads we have great pride in our commitment to helping refugees- especially here at home. This is Susan Bee. She is patriotic and aware, that's why she is donating 50% of her sales to the R.A.I.C.E.S> texas- a non profit legal aid service for immigration.  

In red, white and blue, Susan Bee is double strung on a wave fabric on blue, and the white fabric has gray crosses. health and healing and a sense of humanity- Susan Bee is waiting for you. 

Madre Beads are intended to be worn by adults. Small parts may pose choking hazard. Madre Beads are not a toy. Children should be supervised while wearing jewelry, and should never sleep with jewelry on.

Because of the nature of wood beads, all beads may not look exactly the same. 

If you have specific questions about this listing, please email me at casamadrekelley [at]

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