essential oil diffuser hoops


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essential oil diffuser hoops
essential oil diffuser hoops
A new edition to the Madre Beads family- Earrings!!
A sweet and elegant solution to those that don't like or can't wear necklaces!
Each diffuser bead appears to hover there, releasing lovely essential oil aroma therapy all day.
Ivory wood on rounded silver hoops make these beads appear to be floating.
The beads are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and lightweight, making them perfect for all day wear. Because of the nature of wood beads, all beads may not look exactly the same.

Each Madre Beads creation is handmade by me in Oregon and packaged ready for gift-giving!

if you have specific questions about this listing, please email me at casamadrekelley [at]

** The diffuser hoops are to be worn by adults only.

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