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I'm Kelley, the designer and maker behind Madre Beads. I have been a small business and creative habit addict for a few years, having my first business based in friendship bracelets in 1989. 

I come from a long line of Do it Yourself enthusiasts. Americana artisans from the 20's when they focused on zero waste because there was nothing to be wasted.  Growing up with a strong base in using "what you've got" showed me a path to creativity that was outside the normal crayon box. 

I became a mother and a seamstress all in one. My nesting pushed me to making and soon I had the beginnings of what was then called turtleturtle. It was the beginning of Etsy. This gave me an online marketplace to sell the baby themed necessities I sewed- burp cloths, mei tai carriers, clothes and more. I was able to focus on my baby and get my creative spirit fulfilled. As my children grew my vision as a maker changed. The path has been long and winding, as it should be.

Madre Beads has brought me full circle with more knowledge, a greater skill set and much more experience as a creative business owner. You'll love our non-toxic, happy jewelry. Using teething grade wood beads, vegetable dyes, local beeswax finishes and reclaimed cotton soft and stretchy tee shirt jersey; our necklaces will help you look as beautiful as you feel. Best of all, you'll have peace of mind, knowing that our products are baby-friendly. 

Madre Beads are perfect for baby-wearing, breastfeeding, and caring for little ones. They provide a beautiful, yet functional accessory for those running-on-empty days when everyone needs to fidget. Our products are lightweight, slobber-proof, and super stretchy. Babies kind of love them- pull, stretch and chewable!

With the need for a different level of accessory, I have added reusable, washable cotton face coverings to our products. It has been a hard spring, summer and fall for everyone. My family needed masks, as does yours. The New Normal Madre Mask is designed for maximum surface area, breathability, and function. Add the stretchy tee-shirt jersey for securing with a cinch bead, these masks are a perfect solution to our New Normal. 

All of our products are made by hand in Hillsboro, Oregon. 

I hope you enjoy Madre Beads and treat yourself to a little something special, today!