Madre Beads

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Meet Sybil- 


Yes- Lady Sybil Crawly. As the youngest in the family, she has different ideas and ambitions from her sisters. She is ready for a political gathering, with her politically incorrect friends, turning from the rules with a flair of style and grace. 


Sybil is unique with a long pendant style featuring 2 large natural beads. She is finished with a tassel on our Pine velour. If you would like your Sybil to have a lanyard addition- leave a note in the checkout process. 

All of our beads are Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and lightweight, making them perfect for wearing on the go. Whether you have kids in tow or need to fidget. Natural raw beads can be used as essential oil or perfume diffusers, place a single drop land on the wood and enjoy your favorite scent all day.  Because of the nature of wood beads, all beads may not look exactly the same. 

The velvet strands are cut individually, each bead is sanded and inspected for unique quality. All pieces are made to order in Oregon. Fisher is available in our full collection of velveteen colors. 

Madre Beads are intended to be worn by adults. Small parts may pose choking hazard. Madre Beads are not a toy. 

If you have specific questions about this listing, please email me at casamadrekelley [at]

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