When heroes must travel the rainbow bridge...

Kelley Gilbert

I've tried to write this post so many times since Friday night. 
That's how grief works. Sometimes the hardest part is the start. 
I was only 14 when RBG joined the Supreme Court. I didn't know anything about RBG, or what she had done up to that time. I was trying to have my own opinion that leaned heavily on equal rights in a tiny rural town in Oregon. The prevailing popular vote was for a Republican ideal. I was one tiny young white girl in the middle of a logging community shouting for humanitarian issues. I couldn't vote... yet. 
Now, in my 40's, with the privilege to vote, I feel a great love for all Mrs.Ginsberg accomplished. She fought exhaustion and the patriarchy to become a champion for women and men alike. Her drive is to be admired. Her relentless work ethic while still maintaining a partnership and family is amazing and a true inspiration for what it means to be human. To her final days she pushed through CANCER(!!!) to keep fighting for equality and humanity. 
In honor of her fight, our fight, I have reordered the Notorious RBG fabric and am opening preorders now for the RBG madre mask. My initial reservations of this mask ended up selling out before I could make it available to more than Instagram


The fabric is being printed, and should get to me within 2 weeks. At that point I will make and fill all the preorders and get them out before voting! 
It is vitally important however, for the future of healthcare, civil rights, and our children to make sure that the next Judge appointed is a champion for the rights of people. 
With that in mind, I will be donating 20% of each preorder to the Act Blue- Get Mitch or Die Trying fund. This money goes to democratic elections for house and senate to equalize the playing field. 
You can order yours here


"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made." -Ruth Bader Ginsberg

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