Weekend Update Volume 6: In which we go back to school

Kelley Gilbert

Dear Madres,
School looks different. It looks like masks and hand sanitizer and patience and calm. It looks like empathy, for the kids, for the parents and especially the very important folks that make a school run. Teachers, administrative, cooks and janitors. Our year looked different for another reason. 
I was chatting with a friend. She was talking about her concerns, anxiety and fear for the things she can't control as her child goes into Kindergarten this year. As we do, as mothers, she asked me questions about when my first born went to kinder. As I told her the experiences we had, I had a great well of happy and beloved memories pop up. The look on his little face at the end of the first day. Relieved to see me and not wanting to leave new friends. My tears were bittersweet as I put all that into context. 
This year, my oldest DROVE my youngest to school. My husband and I are at that turning point in our lives as parents. Giving in to the unknown and the uncontrolled- other people. At this point, we have to trust the world with our child. We can't shelter him from the difficulties ahead, but we can provide a safe and stable platform. 
Motherhood throws life at you fast. It's beautiful, messy and overwhelming. They start by needing us absolutely. Then it changes and fades and becomes a different kind of support. We teach them to walk, talk, eat and sleep. Then we teach them how to be kind, strong, loving and patient. My children have also taught me. Taught me to be kinder to myself. Taught me to be patient with myself. 

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