We all want the best for our babies. Is it wood?

Kelley Gilbert

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We all want our babies to have safety. Safe environments, futures, time to be with friends and family.
It begins at home, with the first discomforts we start to identify. You know when to feed your baby. You know when to change a diaper. 
You can tell what cry is pain, frustration or emergency. 
When you are interpreting a small ones needs, and teething comes around, those irritable pain filled bodies can be hard to soothe. 
Madre Beads are one answer to this frustration. Wooden teethers provide an antimicrobial, sustainable chic solution. 
Hardwood provides sharp biters a place to really push and grind those teeth on. 
Often I get comments like these::
-we only use silicone, its safer. 
-what if it gets moldy?
-how do you clean that?
-it's cheaper on amazon.
So, Let's have a chat about it.
There are 4 main things that elevate wood as a teething aid:
1. Durable- Those little teeth are SHARP! plastics and silicones can have divots and slices embedded in them. Beechwood is a hardwood and therefore extremely durable.
2.Non-Toxic and Chemical Free- Natural wooden teethers and beads are not treated with any chemicals. Wood teethers are free from harmful metals like lead and chemical such as phthalates and BPA.
3.Naturally antibacterial- Did you know that natural wood contains antimicrobial properties? yup- Do you love your wooden cutting board?
4.Sustainability- wooden teethers made of natural wood are easy to maintain and clean making them something you will have for a long time.
What about cost? It is true, you can find many distributers on Amazon for prime delivery and a cheaper price point. The current climate in our economy needs frugal shoppers. But we also need to support as many small businesses as we can. When you buy from Jeff Bezos, the little guys get pushed farther and farther from search engines, exposure and potential clients. 
Cleaning? You read that wood is naturally antimicrobial, making it easier to clean. You don't need to steam them in your dishwasher. Cleaning wooden teething necklaces, rings and more is just like cleaning your cutting board. A quick wash with non toxic dish soap and a rinse, then pat dry and let sit for a little bit.  Wood should not mold if being cleaned properly. If you soak wood it will swell and change the density. care for your beads gently and they will love you back greatly. 


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