New Piece, Know Peace

Kelley Gilbert



Today, as I set the new pieces up in their listings, I lovingly tend them to check all the right boxes, all the right categories and all the right photos. We commune over our shared joys in getting ready to go out to all the Madres around the country in need of distraction and fun. 

In our current pandemic, buying accessories seems unusual. Yet, online shopping can fill a need too. I am a small business. The pop up shops, events, fairs and trunk shows I would have set up at have been cancelled. In these uncertain times, I wanted to let you know that I am taking every measure possible to prep, package and ship items sanitized. You can read the washing instructions in our FAQ's for an easy process to keep your beads clean. I'm including a free bead balm- the best wood conditioner out there, with any bare bead piece. Its important to be thorough, so use your bead balm after every wash to preserve the wood of your beautiful beads. 

Enjoy the day as best you can. Each day is a gift, if only in your capacity to grow as a parent, a teacher and as a human.

this madre is ready for a nap, 


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